by In Rage

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released January 25, 2013

All songs written by In Rage.
In Rage is: Simon Funk, Maxim Zentner, Mario Nowak, Lukas Funk
Recorded and produced by Simon Funk
Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited.



all rights reserved


In Rage Deggendorf, Germany

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Track Name: Braindead
a picture perfect, for the world to see
as clear as this hammer is smashing your knees
one for my anger, two for the symmetry
oh my god I can not forget as I choked up,
as it was too hard to breathe and everything was too hard to stand
fear me my friend, I am this scathing hand
lead by this crown of thorns on my head,
I should never uncover your veil
but you are only
a redundant existence
plagued with a nervous smile
caught in the fast pace of life
and only persevere with an almost perfect disguise
and as I choked up not a single word came out
foam is pouring out of my mouth
braindead as we stand face to face, it feels like all my synapses decay
my mind is blown away, and in the end there is nothing else left to say
Track Name: Bury Me
bury me
every ship that’s filled with liars and cheaters will sink deeper down the sea.
and every ship that’s filled with cowards will sink deeper and deeper.
and every ship that’s filled with murderers will sink deeper and deeper.
and every ship that’s filled with murderers will sink deeper and deeper than mine ever could.
bury me.
sinking, always sinking.
Track Name: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
endlessly beauty.
this ground is desecrated.
you are dead, but here with me.
your time was up
and I brought you back.
but not as a human,
as something dark and black.
true love never dies, but
the circle of death
is written in blood
when someone's gone, they should stay gone.
when someone's dead, they should stay dead.
children shouldn't play with dead things
or they will never be free again.
I'm torn apart, forever
is this what I have become?
Track Name: For Those Who Have Their Heart On The Right Place
my love...
let me start with a quote that expresses everything that is to say.
to preach morality is just as easy as morale is difficult to justify.
feigned morality.
feigned morality.
provided, we believe in the morale, we condemn our existence.
the evidence that we still possess our mind is the fact that we don't believe in morality.
feigned morality.
feigned morality.
but we are still here.
this song is
for those who have their heart on the right place
and for the people in the outside world.
Track Name: The Inside
bleak on the surface, dead on the inside
corroded, decayed and broken in the worst way
everything around dies
what if everything comes crashing down without a warning
without any consideration to humanity
no chance to trace any course of thought anymore
mind fades bit by bit
harmless on the surface with a devastating inside
and in the end, the world paints black
Track Name: This Fucking Rage
cut me bleeding, tear me apart
try to destroy me but i am your guard
you'd like to know what's my impulsion?
but it's so easy, it is endless aggression
this fucking rage inside me
my spirit that guides me
start thinking, don't gather these fruits of hell
this fucking rage
gather and gather and gather
these fruits I'm afraid of
it saves me from this world gone insane
this fucking rage
I'll break your face and spill the blood
and wipe the floor with the honor you got
you'd like to know what's my impulsion?
but it's so easy, it is endless aggression
Track Name: ...And I Collapsed
reality fades away like a sporadic leaf in the wind
which already lost its spirit
by falling off the tree the first day in autumn
the truth is that i reached the end of an endless street
and now i stand in front of nothing.
I'm shlashing my head on the wall
slashing and slashing my head on the wall
I'm cutting and digging my arms in search for a soul
I hope for an end, I hope for an end
a solitary light
of a forsaken spirit
is lead to blindness
by consummate black days
i fall into eternal sleep
Track Name: Goodbye
in the end I figure out
what is wrong and what's right
and I tried to find the difference
between black and white
I'm getting insane, my friend
and the proof
is this gun on my head
and I am here to say goodbye
and I am here to show you I'm alive
I won't be sorry for this mess
and I'm sure you will remind my final breath
I was never so alive
I have reached the top of my life
I'm out.